Vizualize.Me – Your CV as an infographic in a single click

Vizualize.Me are gearing up to launch their infographic resume (CV to you and me)  over the coming months.  The private beta is due to kick off in July, with a public beta soon to follow at the beginning of August.  This innovative service takes your LinkedIn profile data and turns it into a collage of charts, visualisations and colours encompassing your employment history, qualifications and skills, all in a single click.

The image below shows their very first web prototype, a far cry from the boring old text CV’s and LinkedIn profiles kicking about at the moment. first example

There’s no doubt that people in certain industries are more likely to be impressed than others.  I’ve already seen some commenting that they wouldn’t hire someone purely on the basis of providing an infographic like this.  However, it’s an exciting concept and if nothing else, shows what can be done with even the most boring of personal information if you just take the time to visualise it.

Check it out and sign up for the beta.

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