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UPDATE: Google+ mobile not compatible with Windows Phone 7?

I posted a couple of weeks ago about the lack of mobile support for the Windows Phone 7 OS from Google+.  The fledgling social network launched with a native app for Android, closely followed by iPhone, however users of any other mobile OS had to settle for using their phone’s web browser to view the mobile web site.  A visitor to the site, John B left an extremely helpful comment pointing out that he had discovered a workaround to this issue.

Browsing to https://m.google.com/app/plus on your WP7 allows you to access your Google+ stream on your Microsoft mobile.  This does sound ideal, however the web page provided is extremely basic and very clunky, making it much more difficult than it should be to interact with your circles.  I’m very impressed with Google+ so far, as you might tell from my hands-on impressions, however the mobile support leaves a lot to be desired.  I imagine that as soon as Google launch an API, there will be a plethora of home-brew Google+ WP7  apps available (in fact if I can find the time, I’d be extremely interested in having a crack at it myself).

For the time being though, at least the ability to interact on the move is present, if rather half-heartedly.

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