C# Code for custom enumerator, overriding the GetEnumerator method

Extending the ForEach File Enumerator in SSIS

One of the primary reasons for using SSIS is to process multiple files, ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) data, and feed it into a destination, for example, a data warehouse. Built-in components such as the For Loop Container and the ForEach Loop Container make it very simple to enumerate a collection and perform some processing tasks for each entry, be it an array, a dataset, or a directory containing files. In fact, the ForEach File Enumerator option of the ForEach Loop Container allows you to even specify a mask to filter the list of files in a directory prior to processing, so you can weed out unwanted files from the loop. But what if a simple string match isn’t powerful enough to perform the filtering you need? Continue reading “Extending the ForEach File Enumerator in SSIS” »

Script Task Project Properties in SSIS 2012

Calling external DLLs from a Script Task in SSIS 2012

The 2012 version of SQL Server has brought with it a number of new features, not least the new, Visual Studio 2010 shell-based Management Studio. However, the changes are more than just aesthetic, as I found out when I came to try and upgrade some SQL Server Integration Studio (SSIS) packages from SQL server 2008 to 2012. Most packages upgraded fine, but there were some issues when I tried to upgrade any packages that used Script Tasks containing references to external DLLs. Continue reading “Calling external DLLs from a Script Task in SSIS 2012” »

Microsoft Releases Visual Studio 2011 Beta and Windows 8 Consumer Preview

Double the fun for developers and consumers today, as Microsoft launched the consumer preview of their new tablet-friendly Windows 8 OS, alongside the first beta of Visual Studio 2011, which will provide all the necessary tools for developers to get to grips with Win 8’s new “Metro” styling.

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