Ghost Recon Future Soldier audio bug leaves players speechless

Ghost Recon Future Soldier audio bug leaves players speechless

Being a huge fan of the Tom Clancy games ever since the original Rainbow Six broke onto PC way back in 1998, I picked up Ghost Recon: Future Soldier for the Xbox 360 at the weekend. True to form for the series, the game’s mix of 3rd-person shooting, high-tech equipment and squad mechanics is as entertaining as ever. However, on the back on numerous complaints about audio issues with the game, I’ve encountered this one which has left me, quite literally, speechless.

During the Peshawar mission, I was happily gunning my way through the streets when I happened to stand a little too close to an exploding car. Silly me.  Cue insta-death. A quick reload and I was back in action, only to find that the generic “hoo-rah” chatter of my squadmates had disappeared, with only the subtitles to share their meaningful insight.  I promptly quit to the Xbox dashboard and rebooted the game to get back into the action. Same issue. Nevertheless, I decided to keep playing for a while and eventually shut down the Xbox a mission or two later on, after finding out that the problem extended to both the briefings and cut scenes as well as gameplay.

Ghost Recon Future Solider promotional screenshot

Sorry, even with all this cutting edge gear, I still can't hear you!

On going back to the game the next day, I expected the speech audio to have returned but found it still absent, despite the Xbox being switched off all night. A quick Google hasn’t turned up much, save a generic bug report form, but I’d be interested to hear of anyone else who’s encountered this issue or can suggest a fix.

Interestingly, the first thing the game did upon first boot was to install an additional audio content pack, so perhaps it’s something to do with the game being unable to access this? Who knows. My next step is to attempt to install the game to the HDD in case it’s an issue with retrieving files from the DVD, so I’ll give that a try and update if that solves the issue.

In the meantime though, has anyone else encountered this problem? If so, how have you fixed it (If you’ve been able to)? And remember to make sure and feedback details to Ubisoft via their bug report form so this problem can be identified and fixed in the next patch. Hopefully this one doesn’t drag on like the last serious bug I encountered in Battlefield 3.

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