10 Years of Xbox LIVE Infographic

Love them or hate them, there’s no escaping infographics these days.  They are EVERYWHERE.  Personally, I’m a fan.  I’ve always been interested in visualisation techniques and better ways to represent data visually.  After all, the human brain can process images and patterns much faster than it can text.  The best visualisations are the ones that need no explanation, while the worst are the ones that basically just overlay some text or numbers on some graphics and still make you read the content to understand what’s going on.  Even then though, I’m a sucker for a nice infographic (yes, event the overly textual ones).

Anyway, the point of this post was to show off a little infographic that I received from Xbox LIVE Rewards the other day to celebrate 10 years of Xbox LIVE, and illustrate my contribution to that: Continue reading…

Is Battlefield 3 Premium worth it?

Battlefield Premium Logo

Last month saw the launch of Battlefield Premium, DICE and EA’s answer to Call Of Duty’s ELITE system for their seminal online shooter, Battlefield 3.  So far, 800,000 people have signed up for Premium, launched on 4th June for PS3 and 12th June for Xbox 360 and PC.  Operating using the ever more common “Season Pass” model, a single payment of 4000 Microsoft Points (roughly £34.27 in GBP or $50.00 USD) gets you all 5 announced DLC packs, extra assignments, camos and exclusive events.

Given that the price is essentially the same as buying the entire game itself again, the question many gamers are left asking is: is it worth it?

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Ghost Recon Future Soldier in action

Ghost Recon Future Soldier audio bug leaves players speechless

Ghost Recon Future Soldier for Xbox 360Being a huge fan of the Tom Clancy games ever since the original Rainbow Six broke onto PC way back in 1998, I picked up Ghost Recon: Future Soldier for the Xbox 360 at the weekend.  True to form for the series, the game’s mix of 3rd-person shooting, high-tech equipment and squad mechanics is as entertaining as ever.  However, on the back on numerous complaints about audio issues with the game, I’ve encountered this one which has left me, quite literally, speechless.

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GAME cancels Mass Effect 3 pre-orders alongside other EA releases

GAME GroupGAME Group look to be in some trouble today after the news broke that they would not be stocking any EA published titles after Friday’s release of SSX.  The game retailer had some trouble with Metal Gear Solid at the start of February and had to stop taking pre-orders.  Things seem to have gone from bad to worse now and it looks like the group (including Gameplay and Gamestation) may be struggling to stock any major new releases in future.

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How to open your NAT settings for Xbox LIVE on O2 Wireless Box II

I’ve had my fair share of issues with my broadband connection since signing up with O2 (provided by Be There) 3 years ago. Fortunately, it’s improved a great deal over that time and is now extremely stable. The biggest problem I had was playing online via Xbox LIVE, especially getting my Network Address Translation (NAT) settings right on the supplied O2 Wireless Box II (essentially a rebranded Thomson-Alcatel TG585v7). Continue reading…