picnicerror.net is a place for me to post various ideas, thoughts and discoveries through both my day to day work as a software developer and things I’ve picked up in my own time.  The plan is to cover various aspects of the SQL Server and Business Intelligence, Big Data, Data visualisation and analysis, as well as a number of other web elements such as .NET Framework, HTML, CSS, Web Services, jQuery and pretty much anything that piques my interest.  Working for a digital marketing company, a lot of my work also encompasses working with various analytics packages and marketing tools, so you’re likely to see some posts about discoveries in that area too.

From time to time, I may also post content related to personal interests, such as Football (soccer to the unenlightened), NFL and anything else that I think’s worth sharing.  I’ve shared some gaming content on here in the past, but have now started up a new blog dedicated to gaming.  This can be found at: https://pressbtoparent.me.uk.

For now though, please take some time to look through the site and if you see anything interesting, please feel free to comment and/or link back to content.  The web’s a big place and and it’s good to share!