Vizualize.Me public beta goes live

A couple of months ago I posted an article titled Vizualize.Me – your CV as an infographic in a single click, regarding an interesting new visualisation service which, using data from your LinkedIn profile can generate an entire, graphical representation of your CV in a single click.  At the time of writing the post, the service was gearing up to launch their private beta, with a public beta soon to follow.  Unfortunately, I didn’t quite make the cut for the private beta but the public beta is now live!  So, I’ve been straight in and created a visualisation of my CV (below) from my LinkedIn profile.

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Inserting Large Variable Column Data Files with SQL Server Integration Services – Part 1

Just over a year ago I posted a question on my favourite programming Q&A site, Stack Overflow regarding an issue I was having with processing some large, variable column data files using SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services).  Thanks to the great community there, I received an answer rather quickly and was able to develop a solution to solve the problem.  I’ve been intending to document this for some time, as it’s a good solution, combining SSIS  Control and Data Flow logic with custom C# code and a flexible SQL server database schema.  I was working with a database schema which was set up to handle variable columns from a number of different files by transposing the columns into rows within the database.  The upside of this is that it could support any number of columns from different files, in any order and with any type of data.  The downside is that each row in a file, suddenly becomes row x column number of rows in the database, meaning processing large files can slow down exponentially if not handled correctly.

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